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Dr. Sherman has been featured in many top doctor lists and best doctor lists over the past ten years. To find out more about New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherman and the cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures he performs, point to the magazine cover. The magazine articles are several of more than 40 national and international magazines Dr. Sherman has appeared in.

Note: Articles have been edited for brevity. Excerpted “Before and After” photos are of Dr. Sherman’s patients only. All patients pictured have given consent for use of their photos.
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May 9, 2001 Program, “Plastic Surgery for the Young”

Cosmopolitan UK, “Cosmo vs Liposuction, Reporting on the Health Implications” November 2002 issue

Newsweek Magazine, “Plastic Surgery Update”

Town & Country Magazine, “News in Cosmetic Surgery”

Allure Magazine, “Everything you always wanted to know about plastic surgery…” May 2000 issue

Elle Magazine, “Diary of an Eye Job”

Mirabella Magazine, “The Real Risks of Plastic Surgery” May 2000 issue