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Chin Implant Surgery (Chin Augmentation) New York City

The chin augmentation procedure is one of the most common procedures performed, and can be performed either alone, or conjunction with another operation. Other operations that are performed simultaneously are a facelift, and/or a rhinoplasty (nasal surgery).

If you often find yourself complaining of a weak chin, Dr. Sherman can help by simply inserting an implant to rectify the problem. While chin augmentation in New York does work to improve facial aesthetics, it is not designed to correct any type of occlusal (malocclusion) abnormalities. In addition, chin implants and augmentation are ideal for both men and women who desire a stronger facial profile, and can be leveraged to realign the structure of a patient’s face.

A strong chin is an important part of the facial profile and can make people feel younger, healthier, and more attractive. Let Dr. John E. Sherman and his New York Plastic Surgery Clinic help you achieve your goals!

In addition, be sure to take a look at our before and after chin surgery and augmentation gallery to get some ideas about potential results!

Procedure Details

The operation takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The incision for the chin augmentation procedure may be made either through the mouth or through a very small incision placed in the crease under the chin.

The chin implant, which is made of silicone, is placed in a small pocket, and secured to the mandible (lower jaw). The incision is then closed, and the resultant small scar is inconspicuous and hardly detectable.

Anesthesia: The chin implant surgery procedure can be performed either under local anesthesia, or sedation if the patient desires to be asleep. If performed under local anesthesia, patients may pre-medicate themselves by taking an oral pain medication half an hour prior to surgery. If intravenous sedation is used, a board certified anesthesiologist will be in the room giving the anesthesia.

Risks and Recovery

Potential Complications

Potential complications, as with any operation, are infection, bleeding, and scarring. Infection is exceedingly rare, and if present, the chin implant is simply removed. Other possibilities include injury to either a sensory or motor nerve. Again, this is exceedingly rare and usually temporary, but it can possibly be permanent. Usually, the sensation or motor movement of the muscle returns within 2-3 months.

Since the chin implant is placed within a very small pocket, the other remote possibility is the implant being placed in an improper position. If this occurs, this certainly can be corrected with a small procedure usually taking less than 15 minutes. This is usually noticed within the first week after surgery.


The patient leaves the operating room with tape over the chin to help reduce swelling, and to keep the implant in place. This tape is usually removed approximately 48 hours after surgery. Therefore, the usual time off from work is approximately 48 hours. Sutures, if present, are removed 5 days after surgery.

Benefits of Chin Surgery and Augmentation

No matter how healthy or physically active you are, the effects of aging cannot be stopped. This is most evident in the areas surrounding the chin as it has a tendency for a lot of sagging and fat accumulation to take place. For this reason, chin implants offers numerous benefits, restoring a look of youth and vitality:

  • Implants simulate a natural bone structure, which gives more definition to thin or recessed features, or angular shape to parts of the face like the jaw line.
  • Chin implants offer the option of restructuring the face for better balance and symmetry.
  • Stronger features will be emphasized and will detract from other flaws around the chin.
  • Someone who dislikes their nose structure but does not want go through a procedure can choose to get implants in surrounding features, such as the chin, in order to boost surrounding features. With chin implant surgery, it can minimize the perceived size of the nose and provide a balance to a patient’s facial features.
  • Our chin implant and augmentations are very customizable to the individual patient’s needs and goals; they come in different shapes and sizes. Square jaw implants and cleft chin implants are also available. From a subtle and effective look to a procedure where a bit more character is desired, our New York chin specialists can make it happen!

Results can certainly vary, but it mostly depends on how accurate your vision is. Make sure you have examples and a clear goal in mind before the procedure.

Note that the best candidates should be at least 20 years old to ensure that the process of bone aging has been completed.

Chin Augmentation with Top New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John Sherman utilizes his extensive surgical expertise and years of experience to produce optimal results for each patient and every procedure. If you’d like more information about chin implants or would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact our office today.

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