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3 Tips to Prep for Breast Implants

Preparing for breast implants involves more than deciding on a surgeon or implant material. Ensuring that your recovery is stress-free is just as important. While this may not seem vital in the days leading up to your breast procedure, these tips may help with a smoother recovery. Here are 3 tips to make your life easier after surgery.

#1 Food Prep for Recovery

Making meal arrangements ahead of time can help you during recovery. Right after surgery, cooking meals in the kitchen will be difficult. Your focus will be on healing. This is where pre-made meals are important. Determine the length of your recovery and prep meals in advance. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help with food or other tasks because heavy lifting and strain should be avoided immediately after your surgery.

#2 Make Your Home Comfortable

After the operation, your body will need time to rest, relax, and adjust to the changes. Cleaning up your home and keeping your essentials close by can make your post-op life easier.

  • Cleaning Up: Returning after your surgery to an organized home and comfortable bed is a welcome sight. According to studies, there are links between clutter and stress, so you’ll want to keep both your mind and body free from anxiety during this healing process. Organizing and cleaning up beforehand will help make your home a relaxing environment, not a place of stress and distraction.
  • Setting up a Base of Essentials: You may experience pain, swelling, and discomfort during the first few days after surgery. So remember to keep the essentials within reach. Prepare your nightstand or tv tray with items such as bottled water, tissue, chapstick, reading material, remote controls, your cellphone, or any other essentials. Also, have cocoa butter on hand. Cocoa butter helps to moisturize the skin and prevent stretch marks, as the breast skin has to adjust to the increase in volume.

#3 Keep Clothing Simple

After the procedure, wear clothing for comfort and ease of removal. Loose, baggy clothing that is easily removed with buttons or zippers helps avoid possible discomfort from lifting clothing overhead.

Your Recovery can be a Peaceful One

These useful tips can help you enjoy a more restful recovery after surgery. If you are considering taking the first step towards breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. John Sherman, a plastic surgeon patients have trusted for over 30 years!

Getting Breast Implants? Top Three Tips for a Speedy Recovery

Every patient needs to know more to help herself recover after breast augmentation

There can be a lot of things racing through a person’s mind when they are about to undergo breast augmentation. With options, choices, and new body curves, it can often be a time chalked full to the brim of both excitement and anticipation.

While many patients getting breast implants in Manhattan can get caught up in all the pre-op planning and during surgery details, it is vital not to blow off the importance of aftercare and the healing process. These top three tips can help patients to plan, prepare, and hopefully experience, a healthy and speedy recovery from breast implants.

No. 1 – Take Things Slow

The recovery stage is often easier said than done, especially with how hectic life can get. But taking it easy and getting sufficient rest really is necessary for the body to heal.

Initially after surgery, there will be some discomfort and swelling, so increased activity would be inadvisable, but also painful.

A rule of thumb to remember, after a week or two of vital rest, most patients are able to return to work and other normal daily activities.

No. 2 – Do Not Be Afraid to Walk

Wait. Didn’t you say to take things slow? Yes, but slow refers to avoiding vigorous exercise or activity that will raise the heart rate or escalate blood pressure, as this may increase the risk of bleeding.

Typically, during the first month post-op, light walking and a gradual ease into exercise is allowed and often recommended to maintain good health.

No. 3 – Attend Your Follow-up Appointments

Last, but certainly not least, is aftercare and attending the follow-up appointments with your New York plastic surgeon. This really is the most valuable tip to a speedy recovery, as all the general guidelines are specifically narrowed in on what’s best for you and your body.

These postoperative appointments are also vital for monitoring your cosmetic appearance and making sure that you are healing properly.

Meet a Plastic Surgeon New York Residents Trust

Before you reach that last recovery tip for breast implants, patients first need to consult an experienced plastic surgeon that will provide attentive care and skill in ensuring the best results. For Manhattan patients considering breast implants or other cosmetic treatment, Dr. John Sherman is an experienced plastic surgeon that New York has known and trusted for over 30 years. Contact his office today if you have any questions, or if you want to take the first step towards a new you.

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Breast Implants for Pectus Excavatum

Can I Get Breast Implants if I Have Pectus Excavatum?

Yes! But it depends on the degree of the condition (mild, moderate or severe). In many cases, however, breast implants for pectus excavatum, a congenital condition that results in a sunken depression in the chest, can add symmetry and fullness to their breasts.

What is Pectus Excavatum?

People are affected by the condition in various ways. Pectus excavatum causes an abnormal rib cage development, resulting in a sunken breastbone. Severe cases can even have an impact on health, affecting the lungs and the heart and making exercise difficult.

Sometimes referred to as “funnel chest,” the concave chest appearance can result in a negative sense of self and increased insecurity. For some women, breast augmentation is an option that can help to make the caved in appearance less obvious.

What to Consider With the Procedure?

With any type of plastic surgery, there are several things to consider beforehand. And getting breast implants for pectus excavatum is no exception. In fact, due to the disorder even more care and consideration should be taken.

Three Things to Think About:

Implant Size: Due to the concave direction sternum/breastbone, breasts will tend to aim inwards at each other. Because of this tendency, extremely large implants are not advisable as they could even touch, or accentuate the appearance of the condition.
Degree of the Condition: Each surgery will need to reflect the amount concavity and the degree of the condition, relating to the optimal placement and position of the implant.
Subpectoral or Periareolar: Referring to the type of incisions during the procedure: under the pectoral muscle (subpectoral) or just below the lower half of the areola (periareolar).

Skillful Approach for Optimal Results

While more attention to detail may be required, a skilled plastic surgeon can review your options and help to diminish the appearance of pectus excavatum with breast implants. Dr. Sherman has helped many women with varying degrees of this condition add symmetry and fullness to their breasts, while restoring their confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.

Breast Implant Size

breast augmentation new York

Choosing the Best Implant Size for You

When it comes to breast augmentation, selecting the size of the breast implant is perhaps one of the most important decisions for a woman. Sometimes, women can frantically fret over choosing implants that are either too small or too big.

However, since every woman’s body is different, it’s a good idea to carefully look at personal aspects and unique life factors. Along with the help from an experienced plastic surgeon, weighing these factors can make the implant size decision become clearer and much less worrisome.

Bigger or Smaller?

There’s a lot of choices to make when it comes to breast implants, and what size to go with is an important one. According to a recent poll of 1,350 breast augmentation patients conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, satisfaction with the procedure was very high, but 34% of these patients elected to change the size of their implants, most of which went larger.

Factors That Influence Your Size Choice

Here are just a couple of things to consider when choosing what size implant you want:

Physique: We all come in different shapes and sizes, so selecting an implant size should most definitely reflect that. While one size may look great on a tall woman with a broad frame, that same implant size may not be best for a shorter woman with a petite build.

Not to mention, one individual’s body frame may be able to support large breasts of a certain size perfectly fine, while another might experience discomfort and back pain due to the size choice. Evaluating your shoulder width, your height, and your weight will help to determine the best size and the most proportionate look.

Lifestyle: Activities, sports, and professions should be considered when choosing an implant size. If you are extremely active, large implants can possibly be uncomfortable or a bit of an obstruction. This is not always the case and some women are not affected by their size choice, however it’s a good idea to factor in your amount of physical activity and consider how size choice may affect your lifestyle.

Sizing is Now in Session

If you have weighed the above mentioned factors and still feel a tad overwhelmed, there’s additional light at the end of this tunnel and it’s called a sizing session. Sizing sessions provide an opportunity for a woman to really visualize how implants of different sizes will possibly look on her unique body.

In a designated room, a special bra which holds implants of varying sizes is tried on. The woman is then allowed to view herself in the mirror and in her own clothes, and determine which implants ultimately look right on her.

Sizing sessions and weighing personal factors can provide clarity and ease to your implant size decision, but having a thorough and knowledgeable plastic surgeon is also vital. Dr. John Sherman and his highly trained team combine advanced technology with patient consideration and safety for each and every plastic surgery procedure.

So, if you are considering breast augmentation or have any questions, please contact our New York office today.

Life After Implants

breast augmentation new York

Life After Breast Augmentation

It’s fairly common to hear about the expectations and changes that occur directly after breast augmentation, for example the initial swelling, the antibiotics and limits on activity. But what’s life like after the surgery? What can a woman expect to experience? Here’s a look at certain feelings and physical changes that can commonly occur a bit further down the road.

Healing Takes Time

After breast augmentation surgery, your body will most definitely need time to heal. Generally it can take months to recover fully, during which your body is likely to experience some or all of these physical changes:

Recovery Period Physical Changes:

  • Breast Shift: For several months after surgery, your breasts may be too high. This causes some patients to panic, but it’s simply a part of the process. After several months (in most cases 3 to 6) the breast tissue and implants will settle into place for a more natural appearance.
  • Implant Movement and Noises: Once again, implants take time to settle in. So, while they do this, a woman may feel them move or even hear gurgling noises from the chest are. After time, this all tends to pass.
  • Nipple Sensations: Nipple sensitivity and tingling is very normal during the recovery process. A woman may experience random pings of soreness or bouts of numbness.

Second Guessing: The What if Factor

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women had a breast augmentation in the year 2013 alone. After this common procedure, women can sometimes second guess about whether they went too small or went too big. Although careful steps and pre-evaluation can help lessen the likelihood of this questioning, it’s still fairly common to have these feelings.

Any new body transformation usually requires time to grow accustomed to. Emotions may be running a bit high directly after the breast augmentation surgery; just like your body, your mind needs time to adjust to the changes. If sizing doubts still trouble you quite awhile afterwards, consult your plastic surgeon to see what options may be available to you.

Checkups after Surgery

Checking in with your plastic surgeon is a vital part of the equation and generally these checkups tend to be scheduled on a yearly basis. While some conflicting feelings and certain physical changes are common and tend to go away with time, follow-up appointments allow for reassuring and monitoring healthy breast implant recovery and maintenance.

If you have any questions about breast augmentation or other types of plastic surgeries, please don’t hesitate to contact our New York office today. Dr. John Sherman and his highly trained team are committed to providing advanced technology along with knowledge and consideration for each patient and every procedure.

Easing Your Mind on Breast Reconstruction

If you’re facing a mastectomy, you may be as worried about what you will look like after the surgery as you are about having the surgery in the first place. Many women take great pride in their breasts, and losing them can cause women to feel like they have actually lost their identity. Scarring from the mastectomy can also cause a lot of concern. Breast reconstruction is available and the best solution for nearly all women after undergoing preventive breast cancer surgery.

You don not have to worry about feeling self-conscious about mastectomy scars or less of a woman after the surgery. Breast implants can allow you to regain your confidence without having to worry about the awkwardness of padding your bra.

Breast implants can be inserted with either silicone or saline to take the place of lost breast tissue. Your plastic surgeon can start the breast restoration process during the mastectomy or you can allow yourself to heal and acquire reconstruction later. Your breasts will be reshaped to be as similar as possible to how your breasts looked before you had them removed. Our doctor will be able to conceal the scars that result from a mastectomy during the reconstruction, so you can relax knowing that not only are you free from cancer, but you still are a beautiful woman.

If you are a breast cancer survivor and want to learn about your breast reconstruction options in New York, contact our cosmetic surgeon’s office online or call us to schedule a consultation directly at (212) 535-2300.


Are There Different Appearances After Breast Augmentation Caused by Implant Placement?

breast augmentation new York

Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. While it produces immediate and dramatic alterations in breast size and shape, it is a procedure that does not immediately present complications until after breast implants have been in place. One of the choices patients are faced with is whether their breast implants should be placed over or under the breast muscle. Surely they would love to learn more beforehand, which is why your consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon New York, is important. To help you in your quest we will share some of the details about the way breast implants will conform to your body depending on how they are placed.

Breast Implants New York

After you have made the decision to undergo breast augmentation the best thing to do is to schedule a consultation to review your options. Breast implants are designed to enhance the shape, size, and volume for a female patient’s feminine physique. Every patient’s goal is different, but your body image is important to us. Additionally, it is important to review your options for the type of breast implant to be used for surgery, as well as the location of the surgical incisions. Equally important is reviewing your options for breast implant placement.

Differences in Breast Implant Placement

Breast implants placed over or under the pectoralis muscle depends on a number of factors that varies from patient to patient. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, age, vocation will determine how their body will conform to breast implants. There are only two options and both serve important purposes. In women with very little breast tissue they may benefit from having breast implants placed under the muscle (Submuscular) so the implants will look as natural as possible.

In the other respect of breast implants placement, the chest muscle will not be affected if the breast implants are placed over the chesty muscles (Subglandular). When breast implants are placed under the muscle, when flexed, the muscles may press down on the breast implants and change its shape by flattening or moving slightly upward. So patients with larger pectoral muscles will benefit from having the implants placed on top rather than underneath, which may not appear as natural as patients would like, but this would be the most comfortable option.

The amount of natural breast tissue is an important factor when deciding on breast implant placement. A patient with more breast tissue will be able to have breast implants that will more likely to assimilate naturally with the look and feel of the breasts. Still if there is not enough breast tissue then the only option may be to go on top of the pectoralis muscle to be able to fit into clothing better.

In regards to preference, your cosmetic surgeon must be experienced in both options, because every person’s body is different. Overall, patient satisfaction is one of the commonly expressed factors that make breast augmentation the most popular cosmetic surgery. As per a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 98 percent of women reported their results exceeded or met their expectations, 85 percent felt that the new breast size was perfect and 92 percent reported an improvement in self-esteem after breast augmentation.

Learn More about Your Options for Breast Implants New York

The bottom line is that placement of breast implants will vary. Patients with more breast tissue who use silicone breast implants may have the option to go on top of the muscle to achieve the most natural results. If your cosmetic surgeon agrees that the breast implants under the muscle can be supported naturally then that may also appear and feel natural in the end. Contact our breast augmentation specialist at our New York office by calling (212) 535-2300.


More Women Opt for Breast Augmentation Following Mastectomy

Breast Augmentation New YorkBreast cancer is one of the most extraneous battles any woman can endure. To be able to live to tell about your experience is an accomplishment in itself. It robs women of their health, security, feminine physique and more drastically their life. Women are left with the ultimate self-conscious decision by undergoing a mastectomy in order to avoid precancerous cells from spreading. Women who have lost one or both breasts to deter the dangers of the disease have the option for breast reconstruction with the best breast augmentation surgeon New York patients can depend on.

A single or double mastectomy is one of the most unfortunate consequences of breast cancer patients worldwide. Several reconstruction options are available to them from a breast augmentation New York plastic surgeon that has experience in reconstructing the female physique.

Breast augmentation for women who wish to reconstruct their figure can opt for breast implants with cohesive gel, silicone or saline and can acquire them simultaneously after breast tissue is withdrawn. Researchers found operative and implant details with long-term outcomes that do not increase the risks compared to non-mastectomy patients. The most common complications, according to the study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, only 5.7 percent of 615 patients experience poor scarring. Additionally, a report by the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that more women opt for reconstruction with breast implants over autologous reconstruction.

Breast Augmentation New York Following Mastectomy

Whether you are contemplating breast augmentation for improving your natural physique or following a double mastectomy, you should first schedule a consultation with the best breast augmentation surgeon New York patients trust most. If you are worried about the final results of your body after beating cancer, then it is time to reclaim your confidence. Contact our breast augmentation surgeon’s office at (212) 535-2300.


Choosing the Best Breast Implants for Your Surgery


There is always that most important decision you need to make right before you schedule your breast augmentation – saline or silicone breast implants? While most New York patients know by now there are two types of breast implants used across the United States.

Saline breast implants are comprised of a sterile saltwater solution similar to the water weight in our bodies. Silicone breast implants are prefilled with silicone gel. Both options offer the same aesthetic enlargement from breast surgery, but there are a number of differences that women consider before going through breast augmentation.

Although it is difficult to tell when looking at other patients’ breast implants there are differences between silicone and saline. First let’s take a look at silicone implants. The most popular advantage is the feel of silicone implants over saline. Semi-solid gel or cohesive gel are the most popular solutions used for silicone implants and greatly eliminate the risks of leakage and capsular contracture.

Saline breast implants also promote several advantages. Saline implants, as mentioned before are made of a silicone shell but filled with sterile saltwater. Silicone implants usually demand a larger incision for placement, whereas saline implants are inserted through the breast cavity empty and then filled. This means that the implants are adjustable during the procedure to allow the surgeon to achieve near-perfect symmetry. However, saline implants are more prone to cause ripples and folds under the skin making the breasts unnatural in appearance at times.

Even though both types of implants are not guaranteed to prevent rupture or deflation, neither implants cause serious or long-term health issues. Though most American women turn to the likes of silicone implants, saline is still a choice for women who are less likely to take severe impact in the chest areas.

America’s Breast Implant Preference

Breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in America with both types of implants utilized. However, more women lean towards silicone breast implants. As per the statistics report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, silicone breast implants were used in 72 percent of breast augmentations performed in 2013. While saline implants were used in only 28 percent of procedures. Since women are inclined to decide on what they see and feel when it comes to implants you may be able to choose which implant works well for your body.

Which Style of Breast Implants Will You Choose?

Every patient is allowed to express her opinion about the look and feel of breast implants during consultation. Your aesthetic goals and expectations are important to us, so we will do our best to help you make the best choice for your procedure, whether it is saline or silicone implants. Schedule your consultation to discuss your breast implant options.


Breast Implants for that Summer Body Boost

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation to women often means they want to see an increase in fullness and size in their natural breasts. Oddly enough women are turning towards a simpler look that is not as obviously larger as women used to achieve in the past. Should women be concerned with the look of their breasts if an implant rotates or turns by itself? Today we will discuss this issue and creating a naturally pleasing appearance to improve your confidence before summer.

In the past, breast augmentation surgeons used round breast implants and if they just so happened to rotate in the implant pocket then there was nothing to worry about. They were symmetrically round and did not matter if the implant turned inside the breast cavity, but after smooth tear drop implants made their presence known they made it difficult for breast tissue to grasp the implant. This type of implant occasionally rotated upside down and made it very aesthetically difficult for women to deal with.

Fortunately, modern era silicone breast implants feel natural and filled in a textured shell that allows the body to grab hold on to prevent rotation or moving in breast tissue. The implants are designed to retain the thinner portion at the top of the breast and the thickness in bottom of the breast will remain at the bottom without risk of turning.

Preventing Rotation

All silicone breast implants are designed as very durable devices and withstand most movements as long as the patient wears a supportive bra during active situations during the day. One of the oddest occurrences in rotation came about with the use of gummy bear breast implants. Although gummy bear implants eliminate the risk of gel leaks, using this version of implant could lead to unwanted rotation in the patient’s breast pocket and result in visible deformity. Preventing rotation of anatomical implants is possible, as long as the textured surface of the implant shell is used during breast augmentation.

Summer Confidence Restoration

Presently, women feel more inclined to go under the knife to improve their appearance because they simply want to feel better about their overall appearance in a survey published in More! Magazine approximately 72 percent of young women in their twenties said they want to have plastic surgery done, including 35 percent of women indicated 35 percent wanted to improve their self-confidence. This confidence boost can be achieved respectfully after breast augmentation. According to a report from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, 98 percent of women were satisfied with their breast augmentation results and 92 percent of women reporting an improvement in self-esteem and self confidence.

Ladies in search of a little extra bounce in their step can achieve their aesthetic goals by undergoing a breast augmentation by New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherman at the New York Plastic Surgery Center. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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