Are You Worried That Your Facelift Results Won’t Look Natural?

One of the main things patients want when it comes to their facelift procedure is natural-looking results. The whole reason why they want a facelift is to rejuvenate the youthful and natural beauty of their appearance. A lot of people worry that the procedure will leave them with noticeable post-surgical marks and overly tightened facial skin.

Two of the biggest aspects of facial surgery that board-certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. John Sherman focuses on are facial aesthetics and technical precision.

Dr. Sherman has an in-depth understanding of the architecture of the face and uses that knowledge to make precise corrections that complement and enhance the patient’s natural appearance. Dr. Sherman uses his high degree of technical skill to make well-hidden incisions along precise areas of the face so that they are virtually unnoticeable.

By focusing on these two aspects, Dr Sherman is able to ensure that he delivers outstanding results. Dr. Sherman has performed thousands of facelifts for patients native to New York and across the globe. If you are looking for a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your facelift, contact our office in New York to schedule a consultation.

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