Lower Eyelid Lift

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A lower eyelid lift, or lower blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes tissue from underneath the eye to restore a rested and youthful-looking complexion. By altering or removing protruding fat deposits, and excess skin, a lower eyelid lift can improve the under-eye area safely and effectively.

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The appearance of our eyes can greatly affect our overall facial aesthetics. Aging, genetics, and other factors can cause sagging skin, wrinkles, and excess fat in the eyelid area, giving a tired and aged appearance to the face. Luckily, advancements in cosmetic surgery have provided effective solutions to address these concerns. Eyelid surgery can be performed on its own or in combination with other aesthetic procedures for comprehensive eyelid rejuvenation and facial harmonization.

With over four decades of surgical experience, Dr. John E. Sherman is one the most sought-after board-certified plastic surgeons in New York City. At his private practice located across from Central Park, he performs procedures in all areas of cosmetic medicine. With extensive experience in both upper and lower eyelid lifts, he can address even the most complicated cosmetic concerns and improve your facial contour with one short procedure.

To schedule a private consultation with him, please contact his practice directly by calling (212) 535-2300 or filling out this convenient online form.

About Lower Eyelid Aging

The area around the eyes is particularly susceptible to early signs of aging. With gravity and the passage of time, the lower portion of the orbicularis-oculi muscle located just beneath the eyelid skin can experience ptosis (sagging). This leads to skin laxity, wrinkling, and orbital fat pad herniation, wherein the fat underneath the eye no longer sits comfortably in its anatomical bed. Fat pad prolapse causes bulging in the soft area underneath the eye and right above the cheek. (1)

When the skin of the lower eyelid lacks elasticity, it can affect eye functioning and comfort. Surgeons typically perform a “snap-back” test to check skin elasticity in the area. They lightly pull the lower eyelid away from the eye and observe how long it takes for it to go back into a comfortable position. If a patient blinks to correct its positioning, then they have moderate to severe laxity that can be corrected with a lower eyelid lift. (2)

Another anomaly of lower eyelid aging is the presence of dark under-eye circles. These signs of aging typically accompany a sad or tired expression and are sometimes a sign that the fat pads have shifted. A bulky under-eye is hard to conceal and often greatly affects a patient’s facial complexion and self-esteem. To correct this, lower eyelid lifts both remove lax skin and reposition orbital fat pads, rejuvenating the area and improving eye contour. 

Benefits of Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid lifts enhance your eye contour by:

  • Reducing dark circles
  • Correcting under-eye hollowing
  • Decreasing eye bags
  • Smoothing eye wrinkles

This procedure can increase your confidence and self-esteem by brightening your complexion and making your eyes look more youthful. The results are long-lasting and immensely impactful to your facial expressions. By decreasing eye bags and removing dark circles, you will look well-rested and energetic again after a lower eyelid lift. This procedure rarely leaves visible scarring and heals quickly, allowing you to resume your daily activities soon after surgery. If you seek even more comprehensive results, it is easily combinable with other surgical treatments such as a facelift

Ideal Candidates

You may seek eye rejuvenation if you are concerned about under-eye bags, excess skin, wrinkles, or hollowed areas around the lower eyelids. To qualify, you must be in good health with no known eye conditions like glaucoma or chronic dry eye. You must also be free of underlying medical conditions like hypertension and heart disease. If you have realistic expectations and reachable cosmetic desires, a lower eyelid lift is an optimal surgery choice.

If your cosmetic concerns relate to the upper eyelids instead of the lower, Dr. Sherman can perform an upper blepharoplasty. Please be candid about your aesthetic concerns during your private consultation with him to ensure your treatment plan fits your needs. 

Personal Consultation in New York City

Dr. Sherman will meet with you privately to discuss your lower eyelid lift candidacy. This consultation will be an opportunity to ask questions to best plan your procedure. He will inquire about your medical and eye history, whether you wear contacts, and if you have had previous surgery. He will also ask about your current medications and allergies to better understand your situation. You will then express your cosmetic concerns before he closely examines your lower eyelids. Dr. Sherman will then explain your treatment plan in detail to make sure you are well-prepared. At the end of this consultation, a member of his staff will assist you with scheduling your future surgery and subsequent follow-up appointments. 

Patient Preparation

Before undergoing lower blepharoplasty, it is important to follow the preparatory instructions provided by Dr. Sherman. These instructions may include:

  • Discontinuing certain medications and supplements that can increase bleeding risks.
  • Avoiding smoking and nicotine use, as they can impair the healing process.
  • Arranging for someone to drive you home after the surgery, as you may receive sedation or general anesthesia.
  • Filling prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics, which may be required after the procedure.
  • Planning time off from work and social commitments to allow for sufficient rest and recovery.

Lower Eyelid Lift Procedure

Dr. Sherman is an experienced plastic surgeon who frequently performs transconjunctival eyelid lifts. He accesses the eyelid tissue from the inside to avoid visible scarring, a technique commonly performed for those with good skin elasticity. (3) His surgical team starts the procedure by administering intravenous sedation anesthesia to keep you comfortable and unaware of the surgery taking place.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Sherman places special covers over the eyes to protect them, then makes an incision along the inside of the lower eyelid. He then skillfully maneuvers toward the fat pads located beneath the thin internal layers of the under-eye area. At this point, he may reposition them with internal sutures, or remove small sections to smooth out the area. When he achieves your desired result, he carefully sutures the lid.

If your lower eyelids are severely lax, he can modify this surgery by using a subcutaneous incision on the outside of the lid along the lash line. This allows him to safely remove portions of the skin to reduce sagging and correct under-eye wrinkles. Lower eyelid lifts typically take around 1 hour to complete.

Recovery & Results

Patients typically recover completely from lower eyelid surgery after 2 weeks of recovery. Please concentrate on resting and do not use contact lenses until cleared by Dr. Sherman to do so. Take frequent short walks to optimize blood circulation, but avoid vigorous exercise until you are fully healed. You will experience swelling and bruising in the treatment area, but this will subside over time. If you experience discomfort, please take your prescriptions exactly as directed to manage any residual pain.

Dr. Sherman creates permanent results with a lower eyelid lift. Your eye bags will dissipate and your under-eyes will be smoother, more youthful-looking, and well-rested. To maintain these results, be diligent with sun protection and implement a recommended skincare routine to maintain adequate skin moisture. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Short Scar Facelift

For patients experiencing more noticeable signs of aging in the face, Dr. Sherman performs short scar facelifts. Like the traditional facelift, this procedure repositions internal facial structures and removes excess skin to restore a smoother, more youthful contour. This modified version of the procedure utilizes a short incision around each ear to access the underlying tissue, lift portions of it to its original position, and remove skin. Dr. Sherman redrapes the skin and removes the excess before closing the short, discreet incisions with sutures. 

How Much Does a Lower Eyelid Lift Cost in NYC?

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan from Dr. Sherman during their private consultation. He personalizes each procedure to fit the patient’s needs, and every treatment plan is different from the next. 

To receive a detailed estimate, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sherman today by calling (212) 535-2300. He also provides an online contact form for your convenience.

If you are curious about other cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments in New York City, please read Dr. Sherman’s blog for more information on the subject.


What type of anesthesia is used for a lower eyelid lift procedure?

Lower blepharoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. Dr. Sherman will discuss the appropriate anesthesia option for you during your consultation.

Can lower blepharoplasty correct under-eye hollows?

Yes, lower blepharoplasty can address under-eye hollows by repositioning or filling in the fat pads to create a smoother and fuller appearance.

How soon can I return to work after a lower blepharoplasty?

Most patients can return to work within one to two weeks following their lower blepharoplasty procedure, depending on the nature of their job and individual healing progress. During the initial recovery period, it is essential to avoid strenuous activities and follow all postoperative instructions provided.

Can I combine a lower eyelid lift with an upper eyelid lift?

Yes, combining a lower eyelid lift with an upper eyelid lift, known as a quad blepharoplasty, is a common approach for achieving comprehensive eye rejuvenation.


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