Breast Implants for that Summer Body Boost

Breast augmentation to women often means they want to see an increase in fullness and size in their natural breasts. Oddly enough women are turning towards a simpler look that is not as obviously larger as women used to achieve in the past. Should women be concerned with the look of their breasts if an implant rotates or turns by itself? Today we will discuss this issue and creating a naturally pleasing appearance to improve your confidence before summer.

In the past, breast augmentation surgeons used round breast implants and if they just so happened to rotate in the implant pocket then there was nothing to worry about. They were symmetrically round and did not matter if the implant turned inside the breast cavity, but after smooth tear drop implants made their presence known they made it difficult for breast tissue to grasp the implant. This type of implant occasionally rotated upside down and made it very aesthetically difficult for women to deal with.

Fortunately, modern era silicone breast implants feel natural and filled in a textured shell that allows the body to grab hold on to prevent rotation or moving in breast tissue. The implants are designed to retain the thinner portion at the top of the breast and the thickness in bottom of the breast will remain at the bottom without risk of turning.

Preventing Rotation

All silicone breast implants are designed as very durable devices and withstand most movements as long as the patient wears a supportive bra during active situations during the day. One of the oddest occurrences in rotation came about with the use of gummy bear breast implants. Although gummy bear implants eliminate the risk of gel leaks, using this version of implant could lead to unwanted rotation in the patient’s breast pocket and result in visible deformity. Preventing rotation of anatomical implants is possible, as long as the textured surface of the implant shell is used during breast augmentation.

Summer Confidence Restoration

Presently, women feel more inclined to go under the knife to improve their appearance because they simply want to feel better about their overall appearance in a survey published in More! Magazine approximately 72 percent of young women in their twenties said they want to have plastic surgery done, including 35 percent of women indicated 35 percent wanted to improve their self-confidence. This confidence boost can be achieved respectfully after breast augmentation. According to a report from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, 98 percent of women were satisfied with their breast augmentation results and 92 percent of women reporting an improvement in self-esteem and self confidence.

Ladies in search of a little extra bounce in their step can achieve their aesthetic goals by undergoing a breast augmentation by New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherman at the New York Plastic Surgery Center. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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