Breast Implants Most Preferred for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is an important part of recovery following mastectomy in breast cancer patients. It is very normal for a woman to feel the need to cater to the appearance of their body in order to maintain their feminine physique. A recent study shows that breast reconstruction after mastectomy significantly increased among U.S. breast cancer patients and the majority of women chose implant-based reconstruction.

Breast cancer patients have three forms of breast reconstruction that make the breasts appear natural after a mastectomy – implants, autologous tissue or autologous tissue with implants. Breast implants provide volume, shape and size to appear larger or the same size as the breasts were prior to mastectomy. Breast implants consist of silicone gel or saline. Most women turn to silicone implants since they look and feel more natural like breast tissue.

Although a third of eligible women did not undergo breast reconstruction between 1998 and 2007, reconstruction showed a dramatic 20 percent increase during this 10-year period. Research showed that women who underwent bilateral mastectomy, removal of both breasts, were twice as likely to have breast reconstruction.

The study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, identified 20,560 women who underwent mastectomy and 56 percent of the patients received breast reconstruction. The increase of breast implant reconstruction was reflected in the research, showing that tissue-based reconstruction decreased from 56 percent in 1998 to 25 percent in 2007.

Overall the rate of reconstruction may have been thanks to the law, Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998. This law says that health insurers who offer mastectomy coverage must also provide coverage of all types of breast reconstruction. More women may be opting for reconstructive surgery now because of the law, but also because women have more options and access to information about surgical reconstruction after mastectomy.

This study highlights that women are now feeling empowered to take action in their battle with breast cancer. Every reconstructive option is tailored to satisfy a woman’s need to feel and look comfortable in clothes and without them.

The advantages of using breast implants after mastectomy are numerous. Women can ensure that their bodies remain normal in appearance and feel natural after breast reconstruction. A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Sherman can help you understand what breast implants can do for you after mastectomy. Schedule your appointment today and learn about using breast implants for breast reconstruction.

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