Easing Your Mind on Breast Reconstruction

If you’re facing a mastectomy, you may be as worried about what you will look like after the surgery as you are about having the surgery in the first place. Many women take great pride in their breasts, and losing them can cause women to feel like they have actually lost their identity. Scarring from the mastectomy can also cause a lot of concern. Breast reconstruction is available and the best solution for nearly all women after undergoing preventive breast cancer surgery.

You don not have to worry about feeling self-conscious about mastectomy scars or less of a woman after the surgery. Breast implants can allow you to regain your confidence without having to worry about the awkwardness of padding your bra.

Breast implants can be inserted with either silicone or saline to take the place of lost breast tissue. Your plastic surgeon can start the breast restoration process during the mastectomy or you can allow yourself to heal and acquire reconstruction later. Your breasts will be reshaped to be as similar as possible to how your breasts looked before you had them removed. Our doctor will be able to conceal the scars that result from a mastectomy during the reconstruction, so you can relax knowing that not only are you free from cancer, but you still are a beautiful woman.

If you are a breast cancer survivor and want to learn about your breast reconstruction options in [primary_city], contact our cosmetic surgeon’s office online or call us to schedule a consultation directly at [primary_phone].

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