Getting Breast Implants? Top Three Tips for a Speedy Recovery

There can be a lot of things racing through a person’s mind when they are about to undergo breast augmentation. With options, choices, and new body curves, it can often be a time chalked full to the brim of both excitement and anticipation.

While many patients getting breast implants in Manhattan can get caught up in all the pre-op planning and during surgery details, it is vital not to blow off the importance of aftercare and the healing process. These top three tips can help patients to plan, prepare, and hopefully experience, a healthy and speedy recovery from breast implants.

No. 1 – Take Things Slow

The recovery stage is often easier said than done, especially with how hectic life can get. But taking it easy and getting sufficient rest really is necessary for the body to heal.

Initially after surgery, there will be some discomfort and swelling, so increased activity would be inadvisable, but also painful.

A rule of thumb to remember, after a week or two of vital rest, most patients are able to return to work and other normal daily activities.

No. 2 – Do Not Be Afraid to Walk

Wait. Didn’t you say to take things slow? Yes, but slow refers to avoiding vigorous exercise or activity that will raise the heart rate or escalate blood pressure, as this may increase the risk of bleeding.

Typically, during the first month post-op, light walking and a gradual ease into exercise is allowed and often recommended to maintain good health.

No. 3 – Attend Your Follow-up Appointments

Last, but certainly not least, is aftercare and attending the follow-up appointments with your [primary_city] plastic surgeon. This really is the most valuable tip to a speedy recovery, as all the general guidelines are specifically narrowed in on what’s best for you and your body.

These postoperative appointments are also vital for monitoring your cosmetic appearance and making sure that you are healing properly.

Meet a Plastic Surgeon [primary_city] Residents Trust

Before you reach that last recovery tip for breast implants, patients first need to consult an experienced plastic surgeon that will provide attentive care and skill in ensuring the best results. For Manhattan patients considering breast implants or other cosmetic treatment, Dr. John Sherman is an experienced plastic surgeon that [primary_city] has known and trusted for over 30 years. Contact his office today if you have any questions, or if you want to take the first step towards a new you.

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