Life After Implants

Life After Breast Augmentation

It’s fairly common to hear about the expectations and changes that occur directly after breast augmentation, for example the initial swelling, the antibiotics and limits on activity. But what’s life like after the surgery? What can a woman expect to experience? Here’s a look at certain feelings and physical changes that can commonly occur a bit further down the road.

Healing Takes Time

After breast augmentation surgery, your body will most definitely need time to heal. Generally it can take months to recover fully, during which your body is likely to experience some or all of these physical changes:

Recovery Period Physical Changes:

  • Breast Shift: For several months after surgery, your breasts may be too high. This causes some patients to panic, but it’s simply a part of the process. After several months (in most cases 3 to 6) the breast tissue and implants will settle into place for a more natural appearance.
  • Implant Movement and Noises: Once again, implants take time to settle in. So, while they do this, a woman may feel them move or even hear gurgling noises from the chest are. After time, this all tends to pass.
  • Nipple Sensations: Nipple sensitivity and tingling is very normal during the recovery process. A woman may experience random pings of soreness or bouts of numbness.

Second Guessing: The What if Factor

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women had a breast augmentation in the year 2013 alone. After this common procedure, women can sometimes second guess about whether they went too small or went too big. Although careful steps and pre-evaluation can help lessen the likelihood of this questioning, it’s still fairly common to have these feelings.

Any new body transformation usually requires time to grow accustomed to. Emotions may be running a bit high directly after the breast augmentation surgery; just like your body, your mind needs time to adjust to the changes. If sizing doubts still trouble you quite awhile afterwards, consult your plastic surgeon to see what options may be available to you.

Checkups after Surgery

Checking in with your plastic surgeon is a vital part of the equation and generally these checkups tend to be scheduled on a yearly basis. While some conflicting feelings and certain physical changes are common and tend to go away with time, follow-up appointments allow for reassuring and monitoring healthy breast implant recovery and maintenance.

If you have any questions about breast augmentation or other types of plastic surgeries, please don’t hesitate to contact our [primary_city] office today. Dr. John Sherman and his highly trained team are committed to providing advanced technology along with knowledge and consideration for each patient and every procedure.

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