More Women Opt for Breast Augmentation Following Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of the most extraneous battles any woman can endure. To be able to live to tell about your experience is an accomplishment in itself. It robs women of their health, security, feminine physique and more drastically their life. Women are left with the ultimate self-conscious decision by undergoing a mastectomy in order to avoid precancerous cells from spreading. Women who have lost one or both breasts to deter the dangers of the disease have the option for breast reconstruction with the best breast augmentation surgeon [primary_city] patients can depend on.

A single or double mastectomy is one of the most unfortunate consequences of breast cancer patients worldwide. Several reconstruction options are available to them from a breast augmentation [primary_city] plastic surgeon that has experience in reconstructing the female physique.

Breast augmentation for women who wish to reconstruct their figure can opt for breast implants with cohesive gel, silicone or saline and can acquire them simultaneously after breast tissue is withdrawn. Researchers found operative and implant details with long-term outcomes that do not increase the risks compared to non-mastectomy patients. The most common complications, according to the study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, only 5.7 percent of 615 patients experience poor scarring. Additionally, a report by the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that more women opt for reconstruction with breast implants over autologous reconstruction.

Different Breast Augmentation Choices

Whether you are contemplating breast augmentation for improving your natural physique or following a double mastectomy, you should first schedule a consultation with the best breast augmentation surgeon [primary_city] patients trust most. If you are worried about the final results of your body after beating cancer, then it is time to reclaim your confidence. Contact our breast augmentation surgeon’s office at [primary_phone].

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