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The facelift is one of the most frequent operations performed in our office. According to statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 120,000 facelifts were performed in the United States this past year.

The evolution and changes of techniques for facelift have changed considerably over the past 30 years. The convalescence is shorter, the results are longer-lasting, and variation of technique depending on the patient’s needs and anatomy has improved. Over the past 30 years Dr. Sherman has performed thousands of facelifts.

Facelift Overview

As a highly regarded teacher of plastic surgery, Dr. Sherman uses the most effective and latest techniques for your surgery. Depending on the age and the relative health of the patient, the facelift can be performed in the hospital or in our fully-accredited and equipped operating suite in New York. Various options are used with the facelift: mini facelifts, neck tightening or brow lift.

Facial plastic surgery is usually performed in our fully accredited office surgery suite. Patients may also desire to stay one night in the hospital following surgery within a hospital facility instead of the office setting for their facelift. If you choose surgery in our clinic, we will make arrangements for you at hotels that are in walking distance of the office: The Carlyle, The Mark, the Surrey and the Marriott. We have working arrangements with all of these hotels. You will be accompanied by one of our highly experienced nurses who will take care of you overnight.

If the operation is performed at the hospital, cosmetic surgery rates for each hospital will vary and is generally more expensive than office-based surgery. The operation may be performed at one of the following New York area hospitals:

  • The New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center (Rated the Best Hospital in NY, US News and World Report)
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • The Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich CT

A facelift may be performed on patients from the age of 40 through the seventies, depending on the laxity of your skin and muscle. Depending on the age of the patient, the goal of the facelift operation may be entirely different, as well as the type of operation, and where the operation is performed. Of course, the patient must be of good health, and must have medical clearance.

Facial plastic surgery is usually performed under intravenous sedation anesthesia, avoiding the general anesthesia. However, there are certain patients with whom the general anesthesia may be preferable. This may be combined with the blepharoplasty (eyelid plastic surgery), or other body contouring procedures. You will have the opportunity to speak with our experienced anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

The recovery process for a full facelift is approximately two to three weeks. This is the time that you may feel totally comfortable returning to your social calendar, without the need to explain discoloration and swelling to your friends and working associates.

Variations of the Facelift Operation

Mini Facelift:

The Mini Facelift is usually performed on our younger patients. Attention is usually directed to the restoration of the jaw line, midface, and possibly the neck. The same technique can be used on patients who have previously had facelifts. The entire operation takes less than two hours and is performed in the office. IV sedation is the anesthesia of choice. The scars are usually located behind the ear, and are totally inconspicuous.

Neck Lift

An isolated neck lift may be performed in some patients where most of the changes are below the chin and in the neck area. This may be necessary in a patient who has had a previous Mini Facelift, and the neck needs to be corrected. A small incision is made behind the chin prominence, and may be made in conjunction with traditional or small incisions located behind the ear to maximize correction.

Face Lift

Consistently professional and caring office led by a Dr with great expertise. A patient for more than 30 yrs and very satisfied. The feeling of confidence from speaking with Dr Sherman that we were on the same page regarding the surgery and outcome.*

Forehead Lift (Coronal forehead lift):

The forehead lift is right for those patients who show an excess of skin, brow descent and the patient has a low anterior (front) hairline. The incision for the facelift is made behind the hairline across the top of the scalp. The procedure is then performed open, and the scalp is tightened. The forehead lift will raise the edge of the hairline, and should not be used in patients who have a high forehead line.

Forehead Lift (Endoscopic Forehead lift):

Forehead lifts are used in facelift procedures for correction of the eyebrow when it has descended too low. It also can be used to fix a permanent furrow between the eyebrows, and forehead lines. Dr. Sherman uses the latest techniques such as the endoscope, a device that has been popularized in knee surgery.

Three small incisions are made in the hairline for this method. Then the endoscope, actually a small camera, is inserted and used for correction. Brow correction is accomplished as well as the correction of the glabellar furrows (the muscle between the eyelids).This facelift plastic surgery procedure minimizes scarring and discomfort.

Potential Complications

As in all surgeries, there are well-known and reported complications. Dr. Sherman will go over all of these with you. During this discussion, Dr. Sherman will also tell you the relative frequency of all complications, and the treatment. These potential complications include hematoma, and facial nerve damage. This nerve damage may be temporary, or permanent.

Short Scar Face Lift Technique

Over years, several New York surgeons have developed and refined the short scar for facelifts. Dr. Sherman has been employing this advancement for many years. This greatly reduces the size of the scar located in the hairline and the area behind the ear. The scar now is limited to the inside of the ear, and the area behind the ear. In older patients, where there is a lot of skin to be tightened in the facelift, a small extension may be used near the sideburn area and behind the ear to maximize correction.

The advantage of this new technique is substantial. The scar is better concealed, and there is less healing time after the facelift. The scar is not exposed even when the patient wears her hair “up.” Dr. Sherman will discuss this option during the consultation. It is generally not used when a severe neck correction must be performed.

With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Sherman has been able to deliver the best possible results associated with a shortened convalescent time. Dr. Sherman uses the most proven techniques that he has used in his practice. Depending on the age and the relative health of the patient, facelift cosmetic surgery can be performed in the hospital or in our fully-accredited and equipped operating suite in New York.



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