What to Expect from Your Consultation

Your consultation is often your first opportunity to meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your procedure and the surgeon’s credentials. This appointment is a pivotal time for you to determine whether this surgeon is the right physician for your specific needs and surgery. By preparing for that initial consultation, you can use that time to assess the qualifications of the surgeon and decide whether this is the professional you want to work with throughout the plastic surgery process.

Preparing for Your Consultation

It is a good idea to spend some time preparing for your consultation so you can make the most of that time with your surgeon. First, research your procedure so you are confident of the procedure you need to meet your aesthetic goals. Second, research your surgeon to determine whether this is the professional with the training, expertise and experience to handle your procedure best. By doing some of your basic homework ahead of time, you can hone in the specifics of your surgery to ensure a constructive consultation that will offer you the best results from your procedure.

In-State versus Out-of-State Consultations

Consultations can be performed both in-state and out-of-state. In-state patients can simple call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sherman at his Fifth Avenue office. Out-of-state-patients can get instructions to submit photographs prior to their phone consultation that Dr. Sherman can review and use to provide non-local patients with all the information necessary to prepare for their surgery. When traveling from out-of-state for surgical procedures, you will also meet online or over the phone with our staff to help you book your travel arrangements and make appropriate preparations for your surgery and recovery process.

Questions to Ask

When you arrive for your consultation, you should have a list of questions that will help you determine whether this particular plastic surgeon is the best choice for your specific needs. Some of those questions might include:

  • How long have you been practicing plastic surgery and where did you receive your education and training?
  • Are you certified by any reputable boards or organizations?
  • How many of my particular procedures do you perform each month?
  • Do you have before and after photos of previous patients that I could look at?
  • Why do you recommend this particular plastic surgery procedure for me?
  • How are my questions and concerns handled by your office?

The right questions during your consultation will give you all the information necessary to decide whether this particular surgeon is the right choice for you. The consultation should also provide you with ample information about your procedure, as well as comprehensive post-operative instructions to make your surgical procedure as safe and successful as possible.

Moving Forward

Once you feel comfortable with your choice of procedure and surgeon, your consultation should help you move forward to the next step in the plastic surgery process. This could entail actually scheduling your surgery, taking care of necessary pre-operative testing and preparing for your surgery day based on your physician’s recommendations. Proper preparation for your procedure will make a profound difference in how successful your surgery actually is.

Dr. Sherman understands the importance of that initial consultation and will take the time necessary to answer all your questions and ensure you have sufficient confidence to move forward with your procedure. A successful partnership with your surgeon is the beginning of a safe and successful procedure and Dr. Sherman strives to build that partnership at your very first meeting. To learn more, contact Dr. Sherman’s office today at [primary_phone].

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