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Injectables are a Woman’s Best Friend

Injectables are a Woman’s Best Friend

If you are looking for a way to enhance your appearance, but don’t have time to recover from a surgical procedure right now, injectable treatments might be the right choice. These quick, virtually painless treatments offer a myriad of benefits today, from smoothing away fine lines and creases to restoring youthful volume to areas that […]

Women in Politics: Changing the Stigma behind Plastic Surgery

As the 2016 presidential race rounds up its running candidates, the familiar face of Hillary Clinton is not only vying for the win, it’s also under the hot spotlight of public scrutiny. Hillary herself is tired of the attention placed on the details of her appearance, stating in an interview with CNN that, “If I […]

3 Tips to Prep for Breast Implants

Preparing for breast implants involves more than deciding on a surgeon or implant material. Ensuring that your recovery is stress-free is just as important. While this may not seem vital in the days leading up to your breast procedure, these tips may help with a smoother recovery. Here are 3 tips to make your life […]

Getting Breast Implants? Top Three Tips for a Speedy Recovery

There can be a lot of things racing through a person’s mind when they are about to undergo breast augmentation. With options, choices, and new body curves, it can often be a time chalked full to the brim of both excitement and anticipation. While many patients getting breast implants in Manhattan can get caught up […]

Breast Implants for Pectus Excavatum

Can I Get Breast Implants if I Have Pectus Excavatum? Yes! But it depends on the degree of the condition (mild, moderate or severe). In many cases, however, breast implants for pectus excavatum, a congenital condition that results in a sunken depression in the chest, can add symmetry and fullness to their breasts. What is […]

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the Best Implant Size for You When it comes to breast augmentation, selecting the size of the breast implant is perhaps one of the most important decisions for a woman. Sometimes, women can frantically fret over choosing implants that are either too small or too big. However, since every woman’s body is different, it’s […]

Life After Implants

Life After Breast Augmentation It’s fairly common to hear about the expectations and changes that occur directly after breast augmentation, for example the initial swelling, the antibiotics and limits on activity. But what’s life like after the surgery? What can a woman expect to experience? Here’s a look at certain feelings and physical changes that […]

Easing Your Mind on Breast Reconstruction

If you’re facing a mastectomy, you may be as worried about what you will look like after the surgery as you are about having the surgery in the first place. Many women take great pride in their breasts, and losing them can cause women to feel like they have actually lost their identity. Scarring from […]

Are There Different Appearances After Breast Augmentation Caused by Implant Placement?

Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. While it produces immediate and dramatic alterations in breast size and shape, it is a procedure that does not immediately present complications until after breast implants have been in place. One of the choices patients are faced with is whether their […]

More Women Opt for Breast Augmentation Following Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of the most extraneous battles any woman can endure. To be able to live to tell about your experience is an accomplishment in itself. It robs women of their health, security, feminine physique and more drastically their life. Women are left with the ultimate self-conscious decision by undergoing a mastectomy in […]



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  • "Dr Sherman and his staff are amazing. I came from out of state for my surgery and they could not have been more pleasant and accommodating."

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