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Easing Your Mind on Breast Reconstruction

Easing Your Mind on Breast Reconstruction

If you’re facing a mastectomy, you may be as worried about what you will look like after the surgery as you are about having the surgery in the first place. Many women take great pride in their breasts, and losing them can cause women to feel like they have actually lost their identity. Scarring from […]

Are There Different Appearances After Breast Augmentation Caused by Implant Placement?

Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. While it produces immediate and dramatic alterations in breast size and shape, it is a procedure that does not immediately present complications until after breast implants have been in place. One of the choices patients are faced with is whether their […]

More Women Opt for Breast Augmentation Following Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of the most extraneous battles any woman can endure. To be able to live to tell about your experience is an accomplishment in itself. It robs women of their health, security, feminine physique and more drastically their life. Women are left with the ultimate self-conscious decision by undergoing a mastectomy in […]

Choosing the Best Breast Implants for Your Surgery

There is always that most important decision you need to make right before you schedule your breast augmentation – saline or silicone breast implants? While most patients know by now there are two types of breast implants used across the United States. Saline breast implants are comprised of a sterile saltwater solution similar to the […]

Breast Implants for that Summer Body Boost

Breast augmentation to women often means they want to see an increase in fullness and size in their natural breasts. Oddly enough women are turning towards a simpler look that is not as obviously larger as women used to achieve in the past. Should women be concerned with the look of their breasts if an […]

Achieve Your Ideal Figure with Breast Augmentation Just in Time for Wedding Season

This is the time of year where birds are singing, flowers are blooming and brides are saying “I do,” but before the big day everyone is interested in looking their best. Brides-to-be, mothers of the bride and even female wedding guests all go through self-conscious feelings when getting fitted for their lovely dresses and one […]

Breast Implants Most Preferred for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is an important part of recovery following mastectomy in breast cancer patients. It is very normal for a woman to feel the need to cater to the appearance of their body in order to maintain their feminine physique. A recent study shows that breast reconstruction after mastectomy significantly increased among U.S. breast cancer […]



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