Dr. Sherman’s cosmetic and plastic surgery office is located at 1016 Fifth Avenue, across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The entrance is on the south side of 83rd Street, just east of Fifth Avenue.

Parking Near Office: Parking is available in either of the two garages located on 83rd Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues or in the garage of the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 80th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Public Transportation: The office is easily reached by both bus–the M1 stops on Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, the M3 at 83rd Street and Madison Avenue–and subway (exit the No. 6 train at 86th Street). If you are using public transportation in New York, the office is easily reached by bus and subway. Please call the office for exact directions.

Patients from Outside New York and from Abroad: a significant portion of our patients come from outside the New York area, and outside the United States. Our office will help you coordinate your stay, and surgical care. Surgery may be arranged prior to coming to New York to our office manager. Our office has arrangements with the Carlyle Hotel, where you will receive care, and a reduced hotel rate. Other fine hotels in the vicinity include The Mark HotelThe Surrey Hotel, and other midtown hotels. During your stay, Dr. Sherman and his nursing staff are available 24 hours a day. Nursing care will be arranged to accompany you to your hotel.

If you are traveling abroad, our office center is approximately 30 minutes from the La Guardia Airport, and one hour from JFK Airport. Newark Liberty Airport is also one hour from the office.

Outside New York

Dr. Sherman has patients from all over the globe. Click here if you live outside New York and would like a plastic surgery consultation.