Coordinated Visit

john e sherman md

Dr. Sherman has plastic surgery patients throughout the United States, as well as patients from abroad.

When traveling to New York for plastic surgery, to facilitate communication, and to expedite treatment, we recommend that the initial cosmetic surgery consultation and surgery be coordinated, if at all possible. To help this, Dr. Sherman will review photographs of patients and communicate via e-mail or telephone from his New York office concerning the findings and recommendations. This coordinated visit is ideal for the person who is looking for a single visit to New York that will encompass the consultation and surgery. For the convenience of patients who wish to convalesce privately in New York, two recovery hotels are located near Dr. Sherman’s facility in Manhattan. Registered nurses usually stay with the patient in these recovery facilities. Read more about planning your stay in New York.

Digital photographs are preferred. Please advise the office that you are sending them, so that if they are not received (patient photos occasionally get caught in Spam filters), we may contact you.

Please adhere to the following requests for photographs:

  • Breast photographs: should include a front view, lateral view, and an oblique view (45 degrees) taken from each side. The frame should include the area from the neck to the umbilicus (belly button). The background should be plain, and the body should fill the entire frame of the image.
  • Abdominal Lipectomy and Abdominal Contouring photographs: should include the entire abdomen from the clavicles (collar bone) to the mid-thigh. Views should include oblique views from each side and full lateral view. Do not include your face in the photos.
  • Liposuction photographs: should extend from the rib cage to the knees including lateral, oblique, front, and back views. Again, the background should be plain.
  • Facial surgery photographs: should include frontal view, lateral view (side) from each side, and oblique view

We look forward to helping you begin the three steps to travel to New York for your plastic surgery.